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Welcome to the Edgar Cayce Products web site! The purpose of this site is to offer in one place all the products and remedies that Edgar Cayce mentioned or suggested at one time or another in his many readings.

As a result, the main feature of the site is its emphasis on the products listed as either “Edgar Cayce Formula”, which are exact duplications of formulas originally given by Edgar Cayce, or “Edgar Cayce Product”, which are products that Edgar Cayce merely recommended in his readings. Some of these were sold in drugstores during his time, others are modified versions of original Cayce formulas, while others still are based on ingredients he often recommended.

If you know which product you need or want, the quickest way to use this site is to click on the Complete Index button, which will take you to a complete alphabetical index of all the products available on this site. If you're not sure, you may want to click on the Remedy Reference button and look at the suggestions presented for the health issues listed there.

Another important element of the site deals with the unique Edgar Cayce healing devices such as the Radio-Active Appliance, the Wet Cell Battery and the Violet Ray. The first two were built following Cayce's specifications, while the third one already existed but was recommended many times by Cayce for specific ailments.

This site is operated in partnership with The Heritage Store, the original, most complete, and most reliable supplier of Edgar Cayce products for over 30 years. Located in the heart of Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Heritage Store manufactures, distributes and markets its products on a worldwide basis.

   Consequently, all orders placed from this site are directed to The Heritage Store where they will be processed.

If you know which product you want but can't locate it right away, use our site search engine (in the upper left corner of every page) by putting in the name of the product in the search box and hit the “Go” button. You will instantaneously be taken to the corresponding location.

If you have any question or comments to offer, do not hesitate to write us at webmaster@edgarcayceproducts.com.

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If you wish to be kept informed whenever a new Edgar Cayce product is released, please send us your e-mail address. All addresses are kept confidential and are not resold or shared with anyone.



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