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This page contains only products and remedies that are listed as Edgar Cayce Products, which means they are products that were either recommended by Edgar Cayce or that are based on his concepts. Some were sold in drugstores in his time, while others are modifified versions of original Cayce formulas, and others still are based on ingredients he often recommended. If you do not find the product you are looking for on this page, it may be on the Edgar Cayce Formulas page, or on the Complete Alphabetical Index page.

Click on any one of the products listed below, and another page will appear that will take you directly to the corresponding page on the Baar Products web site where you will be able to order it if you wish. The names appearing in red are the new names given to some of these products, therefore they are the ones that will appear on the new page rather than the old names people used to know them by.

- Alka-Thyme (AlkaCare Mouthwash)
- Almonds (Natural)
- American Saffron Tea (American Saffron)
- Animated Ash (Anidex® Animated Ash)
- Atomidine (Atomic Iodine™)
- Aura Glow Lip Balm (Olivae™ Lip Balm)
- Aztec Secret (Redmond Bentonite Clay)

- Calcios
- Carbon Ash (Carbondex )
- Carbon Steel Coin (Cold Coin)
- Castor Clean (Castor Wash )
- Castor Oil: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1 gal, 5 gal, Roll-on,
- Castor Oil Pack Flannel - Cotton
- Castor Oil Pack Flannel - Wool
- Castor Oil Pack Flannel - Wool (Super Size)
- Castor Oil Palma Christi Soap: 3 bar set, 6 bar set
- Cayce Protection Medallion (Cold Coin)
- Cedarwood Oil
- Charred Oak Keg (Lightweight)
- Charred Oak Keg (Heavyweight)
- Cocoa Butter
- Cola Syrup
- Crudoleum® Hair Rinse & Conditioner
- Crudoleum Scalp Treatment
- Crudoleum® Shampoo

- De-Tense Herbal Supplement (De-Tense Herbal Tonic)
- Duogest Digestive Enzymes (Super Digestive Enzymes)

- Egyptian Oil (Arthro Massage Oil)
- Electric Heating Pad
- Eucalyptus Oil: 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz

- Formula 545® (Herbal Tonic No 545)
- Formula 636® (Herbal Tonic No 636)

- Glyco-Thymoline
- Gold Cream
- Goldenseal (Goldenseal Organic Tea)

- Heating Pad - Electric

- Iodex
- Ipsadent® Mouthwash (Ioxan Herbal Gum Massage)

- Lavender Oil
- Limewater
- Liquid Lanolin (Pure Lanolin)
- Lithia Water

- Mullein Leaf Tea

- Olive Oil Shampoo (Olivae Shampoo)

- Peanut Oil: 32 oz, 1 gal
- Penetrol (Arthro Massage Oil)
- PH Testing Paper (PH Test Strips (90))
- Pine Needle Oil
- Pine Tar Soap

- Radio-Active Appliance Kit (Radiac®)

- Scar Massage (Scar-Ban Massage Oil)
- Slippery Elm Bark Tea (Slippery Elm Bark Powder)

- TIM® (Tibbex )

- Valerian Tincture
- Violet Ray 115v
- Violet Ray 230v

- Watermelon Seeds Tea
- Wet Cell Appliance Kit (Wet Cell Starter Kit with Willow Charcoal)

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