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This page contains only products and remedies that are listed as Cayce Formulas products, which means that they are certified to contain the exact same formula as they did when Edgar Cayce gave them. If you do not find the product you are looking for on this page, it may be on the Cayce Products page, or on the Complete Alphabetical Index page.

Aura Glow Massage Oil (new name: Olivae Skin Lotion)

Aura Glow Soap (new name: Olivae Bar Soap)

Campho-Derm™ (new name: CamphorCare™)

Casoda (new name: CastorCream™)

De-Tense (new name: De-Tense Herbal Tonic)

Dermaglow® (new name: Olivae Skin Lotion)

Formula 208 (new name: Herbal Tonic No 208)


Ipsab® Herbal Treatment (new name: Ioxan™ Herbal Gum Massage)

Ipsab® Toothpowder

Mother Earth's® (new name: Respicol®)

Muscle Treat™ (new name: Myo-Relief™)

Optikade® (new name: Optikade Vibratonic 3810)

Passion Flower Fusion (new name: Passion Flower)

Ragweed Tincture

Sole Soother (new name: SweetFeet™)


Temple Healer (new name: Baar Balm)

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